1ARIES: Friendly firm. Courageus, but can't suffer pain.

Preocupied with himself. Takes whatever he wants. Aries is zodiac's baby. Open and vulnerable. Quick. Direct. Unstable and iresponsible. Very often, inconsiderate. He can't stand alcohol. Obstinate. Inpatient. Hasty. An optimist, a matter of fact man.

Realist, but sentimental. His motto: Miracles happen to people who believe in them. Aries's depressions are owful but short. (Bizmark, Chaplin)

[CANCER: Inclined to pessimism and melancholy. Subject

to permanent changes of mood. Delighted and then cross. Cancer can conquer his fears. His heart is fragile but his head is hard.

Imaginative and vengeful. He has the memory of an elephant.

He respects past. He is never direct but beats about the bush.

A woman Cancer adores her house but hates to work in it. She asks for protection all the time, but if she has to, she can do it by herself. She is possessive. She is full of wittiness and understanding for others. Patient. Symphatetic. She laughs loudly and contagiously.

9LEO: Hates darkness and boredom. Proud. Leo gives advice

gladly, but takes them unwillingly. Leo is superior and theatrical.

Extremely clever. He says what he thinks. He can suffer troubles

stoically.He is stable. Dignified. Never relies on other people.

Creative. Original. Strong and vital. A devoted  friend but dangerous enemy. Vanity is his heel of Achilles. Egocentric.A woman Leo is throughbred one. She canít stand weak people.Poverty makes her depressive.Generous, very often wasteful.The things that are allowed to her are not allowed to other



c    AQUARIUS: Unpredictable.Unusual,and lover of unusual people. A rebel by his nature.He cannot stand standards and customs, asking for drastic changes. Heranges -from a genious to a lunatic.He lives in the future. Excentric, unstable. His motto: Live and let other  people live! Anything can occure to him at any time. He is not a fighter. A dreamer. He can be  hypnotized. A great power of concentration.Very intuitive. Cunning.(Darwin)


PP       PISCES: Charming. Creative. Talented for music. Good natured. Innately shy. Excellent memory. Very imaginative, sensitive, very witty, tender. They donít like direct questions. The most clever of all signs of the zodiac. Their motto is: I donít like to be a millionaire, but to live like one. ( Michellangelo, Einstein)



          SAGITARIUS: Correct. Careless, but not malicious. He  believes stubbornly that he is very careful.. He often talks nonsense, but he is even worse when he tries to correct things. Talkative, dramatic, strong and ungraceful.Clumsy, restless.Unconventional and self-confident. He speaks faster than he thinks, but he usually thinks what he has said. Open. Usually fearless.Generous and warm. He thinks everyone adores him. Joyful. He does not like authority He inclines to outbursts of anger as much as he inclines to the feeling  of being guilty. Childish. An optimist. A passionate wooer. He does not incline to marriage. A hunter, but not a catch. He takes life as a circus and himself as a clown.



 =      TAURUS: Firm as a rock. Sometimes boastful, impulsive. If he gets angry heís dangerous and feels like destroying. If he loses self-control, which he usually possesses, his anger is endless.He likes romantic girls.Awfully possessive. Predominant, strong character. He is not nervous. The most obstinate. Voracious. Impressed by greatness. Very often megalomaniac. A conformist. He feels like giving money and presents. He likes art, especially, music. Lower types - cruel. Persistent. ( Hitler, Robespierre)



            GEMINI: Changeable. This sign changes everything easily: job, opinion, ideas, life. Quick and lively. He gets into and out of situation easily. Movable. Unstable. The secret of Gemini is in their double-nature. Cunning. Aquarius is the only sign who can handle him. Restless, fickle, hiding his real motives. Master of persuading. He knows instinctively where other peopleís weakness is. He hates correspondence and does not respect agreements. He does not like commitments. An intriguer. A long sleeper. He likes to change names and to take pseudonyms. ( Dilinger, M Monroe.)


  \    SCORPIO: Impressive. A great egoist. He doesnít change his opinion quickly. Hasty and nervous. He is not evil but he is always dangerous. Sincere. His high imagination scares. A very devoted friend. An instinctive warrior, self- sacrificing. Terrible vengeful. Preocupied by sex. He is eager to change things and win. Sometimes mystic. A detective.Uncompromising. ( Picaso, Indira Gandhi.)





We apologize to Capricorn, Virgo and Libra because we have not

taken them into account this time.